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San Antonio SEO (Search engine optimization) is the most effective method of reaching a targeted audience by ranking high in search engine results for specific keywords and phrases. SEO also has the highest Return on Investment (ROI) over any traditional marketing methods. This is why search ranking is a dog eat dog business. The competition on search engines is getting harder to outrank everyday and sometimes SEO can be a continous fight to the top.

Our San Antonio SEO experts will work with you to pinpoint your target audience and plan an effective campaign strategy that is guaranteed to increase your search result rankings and drive traffic to your site.


Keyword Ideas & Competitors


An Effective SEO Campaign Plan


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Progress & Visitor Data Reports

San Antonio SEO Keyword Research

Research & Analysis

Keyword Research
Before our San Antonio SEO team can start optimizing or marketing any website, we have to do some research. Specifically, we find what consumers in your industry are searching for. We research the monthly search volume for keywords and key phrases in relation to your business, products, and or services. This allows us to narrow down the keywords and phrases to find the best possible terms to use that will bring the most relative traffic to your website.

Competitor Analysis
Our San Antonio SEO team will find out who your real online competitors are and how well their websites are optimized for search engines. We’ll provide statistics about their website visitors and traffic, and we’ll even provide a strategy on how we can out rank them on search results.

The Most Important Factors When Choosing Keywords


Search Volume


GEO Targeting

San Antonio SEO Strategy

Create A SEO Strategy

Our San Antonio SEO team will create a SEO strategy by using the data from our research to narrow down a list of short-tail keywords that are important to you, and that people within your audience are searching for. Then we’ll rank this list in order of priority, based on its monthly search volume and its relevance to your business. After that, we’ll plan how to optimize your pages and posts for more specific keywords. For each keyword pillar we’ve identified, we’ll create another list of long-tail keywords that dig deeper into the original topic. These new subtopics will be used on your pages and posts to create a cluster. This SEO model is called a “topic cluster,” and modern search engine algorithms depend on them to connect users with the information they’re looking for.

Website Optimization


With any website you run you need to know exactly how to write SEO rich content that fits the purpose of the audience you’re writing for. Try putting yourself in your audience’s shoes. What do they want? What are their points of pain in business and in life. How can you help solve those problems for them? We’re basically going to need keyword rich, original content and lots of it.


We will review the source code and clean up any unnecessary tags to provide the website with clean organized code to make it easier for search engine bots to read. We will also reconstruct the use of certain tags to improve the site’s SEO. This includes using proper tags for structured data schema markup, headings, page titles, description, images, alt-tags, hyperlinks, etc.

Page Speed

Since Google’s Algorithm Speed Update, Page Speed has become a direct ranking factor. Page speed can also help indirectly by reducing visitor bounce rates. To improve a website’s page speed we use techniques to compress images and code, reduce the total requests,  and we’ll even arrange the images and scripts to load in a specific order to reduce the initial load time.


Website Security can directly effect your SEO. Even if your site is not hacked, the constant attacks from site hackers can prevent GoogleBot from adequately accessing your site by causing your web server to slow down (throttle) your web traffic and even stop showing web pages to Google or even worse, allow your website to get blacklisted by Google for being infected by Malware.

Progress Tracking

We all want to be on page one of the Google search results, but you probably won’t be surprised to hear that there are many other metrics you should be tracking to determine success. Ranking on the first page will bring a significant boost in traffic, but more traffic doesn’t necessarily guarantee success. There are a number of important metrics you should be tracking monthly to keep an eye on what’s working and what’s not. These metrics include the number of pages visited, bounce rate, time on site, conversions, and click-through rate. These metrics will show you a quick overview of which pages/posts on your site are performing the best and why. You can then use that insight to revive old content — or create new content.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful online tool kit that help track your visitors and their actions on your website by providing you with all the data you need to analyze the behavior of your user’s experience. These reports can help you improve your visitor conversion rates by trying out different techniques on your site, monitor the success of a SEO or marketing campaign, and even combine it with tools like Salesforce for an even more powerful sales solution. We set you up with a Google Analytics account and include a visitor tracking code in every website we build.

Google Search Console
Google Search Console

Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is a vital set of online tools needed to monitor search appearance, search traffic, structured website data, site security, broken links, 404 errors, duplicate pages, duplicate page titles and descriptions, or page redirect issues. It also allows you to track search engine crawl stats, indexed pages, sitemaps, and more. We always setup Google webmaster tools for every website we build and monitor the data for the first 3 months after the launches at no additional cost. This is how we can identify and resolve any search related issues or bugs that appear on your live website.

What Makes Us Affordable

Since 2015 we have modified our business model to reduce unnecessary and expensive overhead costs. The good news is not only did this change make our lives and our jobs easier; it actually benefits you, the customer, most. We know a few other web design companies here in town that still cling to their big fancy offices that they love to show off but the downside is they have to charge their customers enough to foot the bill. With today’s amazing technology we are able to handle everything from creative collaboration, meetings, conferences, project management, employee scheduling, to even payroll all online. Since our entire staff now works from our comfy home offices not only are we happier morning people but we can charge our customers far less for the same high quality services as our competitors.

Standard SEO Pricing

Optimizing a website for search engines is never the same so why would we charge the same price for every SEO campaign? Well, we don’t. SEO pricing depends on several key factors such as your keywords, competition, geo-targeted location, and of course your current search ranking. Once we analyze your site and competitors we’ll propose the SEO campaign that we feel is right for you. Most SEO campaigns will run between 6 – 12 months so we’ll provide you with a quote based on the cost it will take to achieve your SEO goals. The overall cost will be divided into low monthly payments for as long as the campaign is required.

Project Methodology

1. Proposal submitted.
2. Viper Web Solutions selected for SEO campaign.
3. In depth keyword, website, & competitor analysis.
4. Client campaign goals defined.
5. First monthly payment due

6. SEO campaign starts.
7. Access provided to Basecamp to monitor progress .
8. Monthly payments due throughout campaign.
9. SEO campaign goals reached