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TOPIC: How To Solve Some Of Your Everyday Blender Problem

How To Solve Some Of Your Everyday Blender Problem 2 months 3 days ago #1042

How To Solve Some Of Your Everyday Blender Problems

✓ When using your blender to make juice, soup, etc., you will probably encounter some problem with it from time to time. But instead of trying to take it to a maintenance center or blaming it on the model, it might worthwhile to try to fix it by yourself. Below are some common problems and how to fix them.

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✓ The first stop is problems with leaks, as they are the most common problem you will encounter. Start by checking if the blade is tightly fit in the jar. If you see that the blade is loose, you will have to screw it back.

✓ If that does not work, the problem may come from the O-ring or rubber gasket located in the blade assembly. These can be hardened and crack after prolonged usage. The only solution is to replace them; it should cost you only a few bucks, however.

✓ Another possible root of the problem is from the jar if it has cracks in it. You can also solve this by buying a replacement. Keep in mind the cost; if your blender model is old, it might be better to buy a newer one in order to be more cost-effective in the long run.

Slow-moving Blades

✓ When you want to use the “crush” function on your ingredients but the result is a “puree”, slow-moving blades are likely the problem. How to solve it? It depends on the root of the problem.

✓ If there are some food particles stuck in blade assembly, disassemble the blades and then soak them all in warm, soapy water for 30 minutes. After that, scrub all of them thoroughly, and reassemble them while applying some WD-40 for smoother movement.

✓ Another cause could be that you happened to put too much food into the blender; this will cause the blades and the motor lifetime to decline. Overloading is not always the solution for faster cooking, and using just a suitable amount is much better, as it helps you to preserve the tool, saving money and time.

✓ The same problem can happen if you use dry food with no liquid. Just remember to add some water, syrup, or milk if you want to blend your food dry.

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Stuck Button

✓ Some models nowadays use a touch screen for controlling and setting the speed and mode of the blender. Some of us still use older models, as we cannot afford the latest ones or just try to save money. There will be a time when you will encounter the problem of a button getting stuck or not responding. Even though you likely try your best to keep the base clean, food, juice, and water will always spill and seep into the buttons.

✓ To counter this, you need to give your blender a deep cleaning. While some models allow us to open the area surrounding the buttons, for others, you have to unscrew the bottom of the base for access. Either way, use a small, dry brush to slip into the small space between the buttons to clean. Then use a slightly damp sponge to wipe all of them thoroughly, and you are done. Just before reassembling them, make sure to wipe them again with a dry towel or wait until they are completely dried.

Dull Blades

✓ This problem occurs when you have used your blender for a fair amount of time. The blades will be chipped, dull, or even bent if you use it frequently. As you cannot sharpen them easily, if at all, you can just replace them with parts from the shop.


✓ Even the best of products, be it an older blender or the latest model, can encounter the same problems. While the older models have more problems and are sometimes harder to fix, you can save your money by repairing it yourself. Unless it is completely battered and damaged beyond repair, in which case, consider looking for a new Amazon product. Furthermore, be sure to check out top reviews on products TheKingLive.com on the user comments, as you might find some easy solutions to a headache of a blender problem.
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